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Cikel Brazilian Amazon REDD Project
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Cikel Brazilian Amazon REDD Project

The CIKEL Brazilian Amazon REDD Project aims to avoid emissions from planned deforestation in Brasil.

Project type

Forestry and conservation


Verra Registry

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VCS (Verified Carbon Standard)
Available vintage
100 000 T/CO2
Available volumes
370 000 tCO2
Estimated Annual Emission Reductions
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Project description:

The project's main goal is the cancelation of the planned deforestation activities and decision to instead conserve the forest area and continue limited forest management activities in the area under Forest Stewardship Council with Low Impact Logging practices.

The project also allows intensifying and improving its practices to support the sustainable social development, maintaining and improving the biodiversity monitoring

From the implementation of this REDD Project, it is estimated that 9,432,299 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions will be avoided which would have been emitted into the atmosphere in a period of 10 years in the absence of the project, not including the project’s non-permanence risk buffer contribution.

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