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Cookstoves Project
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Cookstoves Project

The project involves manufacturing and distribution of efficient charcoal cookstoves that would replace the inefficient cookstoves currently being used in the host country of Nigeria. The project will help thousands of families, small and medium commercial entities in Nigeria and will reduce the Green House Gas emissions.

Project type

Energy Efficiency


Verra Registry

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Gold Standard
Gold Standard ID
100 000 Tons
Available volume
2020 - 2021
Available vintage


SDG Goal(s):

SDG Goal 1 - No Poverty
SDG Goal 7 - Affordable and Clean Energy
SDG Goal 13- Climate Action

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Project description:

The project activity involves replacement of existing in-efficient cookstoves being used by the majority of Nigerian population with highly efficient. Over 71% of Nigeriaโ€™s population, mainly poor people, cooks with solid fuel in inefficient traditional Cookstoves and open fires resulting in serious indoor air pollution.

Due to this, Nigeria records the highest number of indoor air pollution-related deaths, averaging 64,000 annually, especially among women and children in poor families


The project described here will reduce greenhouse emissions by disseminating fuel-efficient charcoal stoves


This project is also CORSIA Elligible

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