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Labrea Project
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Labrea Project

The Labrea Project aims at protecting forests located in one of the regions having the highest deforestation rate in the Amazon.

Project type

Forestry and conservation


Verra Registry

Project location



VCS (Verified Carbon Standard)
90 000
Available volumes
2019 - 2020
Available vintage
4,267,919 tCO2e
Estimated emissions reductions per year


SDG Goal(s):

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Project Image(s)

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Project description:

Over the life of the project, the following benefits are expected:

- Estimated net GHG emission reductions: 720,470 tCO2e, corresponding to avoidance of deforestation of 1,836.5 hectares over 30-years;

- Technical training on sustainable cattle raising and forest management, fire brigades, study for a small non-wood product processing plant, production of Brazil-nuts (already in place) etc.;

- Seedling Production Nursery: capacity of 50,000 native-species seedlings per year and donation for neighbors wishing to plant.

- Implementation of technical education frameworks;

- Complementary monitoring of labor conditions in Project Area;

- Implementation of health insurance plan for workers;

- Monitoring the attendance of young in schools;

- Commercial activity in “Castanhal Fortaleza” company (job generation beyond timber management).

CCB status

The Labrea Project is under validation for CCB.

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