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Los Mina Renewable Project
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Los Mina Renewable Project

The proposed project includes construction of a Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSGs) that will take advantage of the open cycle generation of the existing natural gas based power plant in Los Mina

Project type

Renewable energy


Verra Registry

Project location

Dominican Republic


VCS (Verified Carbon Standard)
1 000 000
Available volumes
2017 - 2021
Available vintages
345,758 tCO2e
Estimated emissions reductions per year


SDG Goal(s):

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Project Image(s)

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Project description:

The project's aim is to produce steam, which will in turn be used to power a 108 MW steam turbine.

Los Mina power plant currently includes two 105 MW units, with average historical production of 80MW each, due to grid system requirement.


The total capacity of the plant will increase from 210 MW to an expected 318 MW. The potential GHG emissions reduction are based on the fact that electricity generated by the project activity using HRSGs will offset electricity from the national grid which is highly fuel oil and open-cycle based.


Furthermore, the project enables a higher supply of energy to the local market using the same amount of fuel, enables a better utilization of non-renewable resources, and in turn enables further development of the country, which is currently limited by its energy supply.

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