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Manoa REDD+ Project
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Manoa REDD+ Project

The Manoa REDD+ Project is located at Manoa Farm, city of Cujubim, state of Rondônia, in an area of 74,038.7 hectares. The farm’s 73,000 hectares of forest demonstrates the pioneering in sustainable forest management, and are one of the few forest areas remaining in private area in the region, constantly threatened by invasions and timber theft.

Project type

Forestry and conservation


Verra Registry

Project location



VCS (Verified Carbon Standard)
233 000
Available volumes
Available vintage
279,290 tCO2e
Estimated emissions reductions per year


SDG Goal(s):

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Project description:

Manoa is of paramount importance in the landscape connectivity, as it is close to conservation units and provides shelter for several species.

Benefits to Climate:

Avoid the emission of 279,290 tons of CO2e per year or 8,378,697 tons of CO2e along 30 years of project. This corresponds to 22,118 hectares of avoided deforestation.

Benefits to the Community:

With its own low-impact forest management infrastructure, the benefits to the local community and other stakeholders will be focused on training members of local associations and farm employees on issues such as agroforestry systems, low carbon agriculture, sustainable forest management, environmental eduction, and Associativism with a focus on young audiences in the region and small local producers.

Benefits to Biodiversity :

Maintenance of forest coverage, preventing deforestation of approximately 23,000 hectares along 30 years of project.Conservation of 177 of flora and more than 360 fauna identified species. Out of these species, 12 are mammals and 9 are birds in some type of threat, according to IUCN

Another benefit will be the support in the formation of skilled labor to act in the forest and non-timber forest management chain certified, seeking a regional scope for the target public..Maintenance of ecological corridors with Conservation Units of the state of Rondônia, reducing negative impacts of the region degradation.

CCB status

The Manoa REDD+ Project is CCB validated and under verification.

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