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Topaiyo REDD + Project
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Topaiyo REDD + Project

The Topaiyo REDD + Project aims to put an end to deforestation initiated by industrial logging in the region. Through the avoidance of carrying out exploitative industrial commercial timber harvesting in the project area, the project expects to generate nearly 60 million ton s of CO2 emissions reductions across the 30 year project lifetime.

Project type

Forestry and conservation


Verra Registry

Project location

Papua New Guinea


VCS (Verified Carbon Standard)
21 000
Available volumes
2017 - 2019
Available vintage
2,262,521 tCO2e
Estimated emissions reductions per year


SDG Goal(s):

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Project Image(s)

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Project description:

The preservation of these rainforests is essential to not only the carbon and biodiversity benefits inherent with projects of this nature, but also for the wellbeing and prosperity of the people of Papua New Guinea. The project is located in the forested areas of New Ireland and East New Britain.

The project has evolved based on the input and needs expressed by persons living in the region. What began as a traditional timber operation has been recognized as an opportunity with enormous carbon sequestering potential, and has evolved into a forest protection project that will provide substantial economic benefits to the people of Papua New Guinea

The expansion of industrial timber is a historical trend in Papua New Guinea, and a threat specifically to the project zone as observed in previous plans to conduct industrial commercial logging throughout the area. The project plans to generate the majority of its emissions reductions through the avoidance of the initial planned industrial timber operations, and will maintain integrity of its forest through forest patrols, inventories, and sustainable management.

CCB status

The Topaiyo REDD + Project is under validation for CCB.

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